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Heat-Resistant Plastic Containers

Introducing heat-resistant containers made safe for microwave/convection ovens when heating processed food.

Heat-Resistant Plastic

C-PET (Crystalline polyethylene terephthalate)

Crystalline polyethylene terephthalate (C-PET) is PET material crystallized to heighten heat resistance up to 220°C.

Characteristics and Benefits

Characteristics and Benefits of C-PET Containers

  • C-PET containers are heat resistant up to 220°C and are safe in ovens.
  • Retains aroma; no issues of that typical plastic smell transferring onto food.
  • Strongly blocks out oxygen; has a barrier effect against oxygen that is equal or superior to that of the popular barrier material PP/EVOH/PP.
  • Can be top-sealed; can be made into retort containers.
  • By cooking processed food in an oven, its surface can be grill-charred.
  • Containers for in-flight meals
    We have developed the special containers for in-flight meals on international flights taking advantage of the excellent qualities of C-PET. Being inexpensive and highly functional, the reputation in and demand from airlines is growing these days.

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