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Yosaku Sheet
(Fumigation Sheets)

The work of fumigating pinewood that has been damaged from pine wood nematode benefits from the cooperation of local officials and residents, and from long-term preventative efforts.

Pine Sawyer Damage and Extermination

1. Pine Forests Withered Due to Pine Sawyers


When pine wood nematodes enter a pine tree, leaves change color and wither in about a month, and new leaves turn reddish-brown and drop. Pine wilt disease occurs in forests nationwide, excluding the area of a cooler climate, and it kills not only weakened trees but even healthy trees and spreads like an infectious disease.

2. Nematodes and Pine Sawyers that Cause the Damage


Pine wood nematodes and pine sawyers are in a symbiotic relationship. Nematodes that ride the pine sawyers are carried to a healthy pine, in which they multiply and spread the disease.
The yearly cycle of damage, for example in a Japanese forest starts during May-July when pine sawyers carrying nematodes escape from a pine tree that died the previous year, and jump onto another healthy pine tree. Nematodes from the pine sawyer enter the tree, and the pine needles wither around late August, turn reddish-brown, and by around October, the entire tree dies.

3. Exterminating by Means of Cutting and Fumigating

A method of exterminating carrier pine sawyers is to cut and fumigate - cut down the infected, damaged tree, crosscut it, and fumigate the wood using fumigant to kill pine sawyer larvae inside the infected tree.
The process of cutting and fumigating sprays fumigant over the gathered wood and fumigates as the fumigant gasifies, upon which a sheet covers the entire pile of wood to prevent the gas from leaking. The sheet used in this process is our Fumigation Sheet.

Characteristics and Benefits of the Fumigation Sheet ("Yosaku Sheet")

Foldable for easy transport


By packing the sheet in a bag custom-made for the "Yosaku Sheet" (Fumigation Sheet), it can now be carried on one's back, which frees both hands and allows easier transport onsite when carrying tools and climbing steep mountains.

Product Specifications

Fumigation Sheet ("Yosaku Sheet" made of Biodegradable Plastic)

Foldable sheets made of biology-friendly, biodegradable plastic

Shape Color Dimensions Sheet(s) per package Package Dimensions
Long Clear / Brown 4m x 30m 1/pack Approx. 50 x 55 x 5cm

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